Participants will have to submit a command line application for each task with all required dependencies (i.e. only one application for task 1 and/or only one application for task 2).

Registered participants must submit their program(s) no later than March 14, 2013 . The program(s) must be sent by e-mail to the address: The program files must be packed in a .zip or .tar.gz archive.

Each program must conform to the input/output conventions described in the documentation provided with the training dataset. The authors should also indicate on which operating system their program has to be run (choosing among Linux, Mac OS X and Windows; for other operating systems please contact the organizers). Any non standard file required to run the program (e.g. DLLs, Matlab Compiler Runtime, etc.) should be included in the submitted archive.

Task1: Cell Level classification

The application takes two input files: the first contains a HEp-2 image (8 bits / grey level); the second file contains the mask of the cells already manually segmented. The mask indicates for each pixel whether it is part of the background or of a cell, and in this case which cell it belongs to.  The output of the application will contain the class attributed by the algorithm to each cell.

Task1: Specimen Level classification

The application takes a single input files, a HEp-2 specimen image (8 bits / grey level), containing a variable number of cells. The output of the application will contain the class attributed by the algorithm to each image.

After the registration to the contest, the participants will receive, together with the training sets and a detailed description of the input and output file formats, the ground truth files and some scripts that compute the performance index on the training set, which the teams can use to check and tune their algorithms. These programs will also be used by the contest organizers for performance evaluation of the submitted methods on the private testing sets.

Abstract Submission

The authors are required to submit an extended abstract.
Each contribution must be prepared following the IEEE format, compliant with the ICPR 2014 Conference and should not exceed the length of 1 (one) Letter-sized pages. The authors may use LaTeX or Microsoft Word templates when preparing their drafts, available here (bare_conf_abstract.tex). The papers should be submitted electronically at in PDF format, with fonts embedded.